About Kristofer Goldman

Kristofer Goldman, a native of the East Coast of the U.S.A. (Smyrna Delaware. and Strasburg Virginia.) began playing guitar at the age of 13. After high school he went to study classical guitar at the renowned North Carolina School of the Arts. There he studied with the legendary Aaron Shearer and his assistant Gerald Klickstein. He also received master classes with William Kanengiser, Manuel Barrueco, Frank Koonce, and Ricardo Cobo. After receiving his bachelors degree in guitar performance from N.C.S.A. he traveled down to Roatan to begin teaching music classes to the people of the island.

It was through Dr. David Evans that Kristofer heard about Roatan and the Bay Islands of Honduras. He was invited down to begin a music school on the island. He arrived in Roatan on December 1, 1998.

Kristofer began teaching in French Cay and Coxen Hole and has taught over 200 students on the island since his arrival. He has since taught all over the island from Jonesville to West Bay and worked at the Atlantida conservatory of music in La Ceiba.

In addition to teaching, Kristofer also continued to perform live music. He started performing in Roatan as a soloist in many restaurants and bars on the island. It was in West End that he met Ugo Magnani an Italian flute player. Kristofer and Ugo went on to form the acoustic ensemble known as "Puro Sol". After a few years of working together, Kristofer left the band and formed another ensemble called the Kultura band. With the help of Hector Antunez, Cornelio Guity and Edwin “Baby Bass” Bonilla this group continues to perform weekly all over Roatan. The latest members of the band are Hector Antunez (bass guitar) Napoleon Alarcon (saxophone) and Geronimo Espinal (saxophone) Kristofer sometimes still performs as a soloist at weddings and other events.

The music performed by Kristofer and the Kultura band encompasses a wide range of styles and may be best described as world music and fusion. There are elements of Latin American music, Classical Guitar, Garifuna, and North American music mixed together in their lively and entertaining shows.

Kristofer married his wife Naira in February of 2001. They have 5 children

Kristofer plans to continue composing, writing, arranging, producing, performing, collaborating and teaching and learning music in the years to come.

Kristofer is currently working on a new C.D. to be released in 2014. Anyone interested in receiving a copy may request one by contacting him.



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